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person2Everyone is friendly and helpful, My wife loves all they do for us.


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person3Berks Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services enhances the lives of the families they serve


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person4Our Company is Proud to support BDHHS. The work they do is very good for our local community

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  • ASL I, II, III – 2014 FALL REGISTRATION IS OPEN – Classes Start on Sep. 29th



    ASL I – The ABC’s Series  -  Sep. 29th – Nov 17th, 2014

    Every Monday Evening 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

    * 8 week class $140.00

    ASL II - The ABC’s Series  -  Oct. 2nd – Nov 20th, 2014 

    Must have completed ASL I to sign up for this module

    Every Thursday Evening 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

    * 8 week class $90.00  (if book needed additional $50.00)

    - Class size limited to fist 15 students 

    ASL III - The ABC’s Series  -  Sep 29th - Nov 17th, 2014 

    Must have completed ASL I & II to sign up for this module

    Every Monday Evening 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

    * 8 week class $90.00  (if book needed additional $50.00)

    - Class size limited to fist 15 students

    WHERE: Berks Deaf & Hard of Hearing, 2045 Centre Ave. Reading

    CONTACT: Cheryl Schwenk: office  (610)-685-4520; 









    This is a solo play written by and starting actor/writer/performance artist CJ Jones, and had its world premiere at the award-winning Deaf West Theater World. This insightful, comedic work portrays a man who is both Deaf and African American, confronting the sometimes absurd misperceptions that transpire between the hearing and the deaf.

    CJ Jones blends his unique style of visual imagery and storytelling. Combining voice, American Sign Language (ASL) and mime, along with recorded music and multi-media projections, Jones paints colorful, riveting pictures of his life experiences, revealing what it was like to grow up in a tough St. Louis neighborhood, in the shadow of his deaf Golden Gloves champion boxer dad and on tough the challenges faced during his quest to make it as a comedian and actor in Hollywood.

    Click on the link here to see the website and video >




  • Senior Citizens Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program – June 1st – Nov. 30th

    Senior Citizens Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program

    Program runs through – June 1st – Nov. 30th

    Farmers Market

    Need Help paying for your veggies? Check out this program.

    Get up to a one-time $20 good at your local farmers market. 

    Stop by our office and see if you qualify: 

    Lori Fisher: (610)

    Also available at: Berks Area Agency on Aging, Berks Encore, and County Senior Centers. 

  • Never ‘Mis-Understand’ that phone call again!

    CaptionCall Phone pic

    CaptionCall for the Hard of Hearing

    Why CaptionCall?

    Because hearing loss shouldn’t mean losing touch.

    With the CaptionCall Solution, talking on the phone is stress-free. This comprehensive solution includes:

    • A state-of-the-art, captioning-enabled CaptionCall Phone
    • Free, nearly instant captioning with the CaptionCall Service
    • CaptionCall Support for friendly, ongoing customer assistance

    It’s all part of our innovative solution to help you get more from your conversations—and from life.

    Stay Connected

    Meet Ruth. She’s got 5 grandkids, tons of friends, and a phone that seems to ring all day long. That’s why she uses the CaptionCall Solution—so catching up on the latest news is as easy as picking up the phone, and she never has to put her busy life on hold.

    “Because my grandkids are calling. And so are my bridge partners.”

    With CaptionCall, you can:

    • Enjoy natural, easy phone conversations with family and friends
    • Understand every word of every call—so you don’t miss out on family news or social gatherings
    • Use the phone with a lot more confidence

    Work Confidently

    Meet John. He thought moving his accounting practice to a home office would help him slow down, but it just means he’s available to answer more calls. Fortunately, he loves his work. And with CaptionCall, he’s ready to talk new tax laws—or weekend tee times—every time he picks up the phone.

    “Because helping my clients means understanding every word.”

    With CaptionCall, you can:

    • Communicate easily with clients and co-workers
    • Make better decisions based on clear, accurate information
    • Portray a professional image whenever you talk on the phone

    Give Independence

    Meet Jennifer. In her busy, ever-changing life, one thing remains constant: family. That’s why she chose CaptionCall for her mom—so they can have deeper, more meaningful conversations whenever they talk on the phone. And her mom can answer life’s call with confidence, each and every day.

    “Because I love talking with my mom”

    With CaptionCall you can:

    • Make life easier – and more independent – for someone you love
    • Easily keep in touch in case of an emergency
    • Enjoy carefree phone conversations, just like you used to.

    To learn more click this link:

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    CONTACT LORI FISHER FOR MORE INFO:  (610) 685-4520  – office


    If public transportation is not able to operate, then the office will be closed.

    Watch channel 69 news or visit their website:

    You can also call BARTA: 610-921-0601 or 

    visit their website:  – click on Service Alerts.


    If you have an emergency call: 610-823-2139, 610-823-2161, or 610-823-1923

  • Committee Members Needed!

    Berks Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services is looking for Volunteers to serve as Committee Members.

     If you are interested in becoming a Committee Member, contact Kandy Reyes at BDHHS.

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